Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RE’s Eye on the News- GradNation

When a president and a general share a stage, the announcement is rarely a good one.

When President Obama and Gen. Colin Powell shared the stage, with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Alma Powell, the announcement was a good one. GradNation was introduced, a ten year campaign to increase graduation rates of the United States. Its goals are to see ninety percent of today’s fourth graders graduate high school on time and to support the President’s goal of making the United States a leader in college graduates by 2020.

GradNation works though America’s Promise Alliance, which offers resources and a means of collaboration for organizations working with at risk youth.

Raising Expectations does it part every year to assist students on their road to graduation, and is excited to see a national spotlight guiding others down the same road.

Raising Expectations has assisted (#) students in graduating high school and (#) on furthering their education into college.

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