Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RE Visitation to Turner Broadcasting opens eyes to opportunities

Visiting Turner Broadcast Studios opened my eyes to so many job opportunities that there are in the world. While walking around it appeared that TBS was a very relaxing workplace compared to the other stations I have visited. TBS has a very unique atmosphere because there are many cartoon characters and colorful areas around the office space. The people that work there can have a flex schedule. For instance, if you want to start at 2a.m and leave at 10a.m you can because you have to be there for an 8 hour period. Working there you also are given many perks. You can get free tickets to sporting events in Atlanta.

In my research I learned that R.E. Turner bought WJRJ-Atlanta channel 17. TBS has grown a lot since it first started. TBS has the following stations: TBS, TNT, CN, TCM, Tru TV, Adult Swim, Boomrang, TNT Europe, CN Europe, TNT Europe, CN Europe, TNT Latin America, CN Latin America, TNT& CN Asia Pacific, CN Japan Cable News Network (CNN), HLN, CN Japan, CNN International, CNN Espanol, CNN Airport Network, CNN Radio, CNN.com, CNN Resource, CNN Turk. TBS is the leading provider for the basic cable industry. They have more than 9,000 employees worldwide.

To conclude I have been blessed to attend a fieldtrip at TBS visiting the Cartoon Network and learning about the careers that exist in so many of the departments. A few that I learned about were lawyers, marketing executives, cartoonists, and mechanical engineers just to name a few. I hope someday I will work at Turner Broadcast Studio. My job as an engineer would be to catch problems before programming goes on the air. The reason I would love to work at TBS one day is because I could watch television all day and get paid for it!

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