Thursday, June 23, 2011

Exposing RE Girls to Technology & Engineering

Our first day of camp at Georgia Tech was not what I expected but I enjoyed it. We went to see a chemical engineer that taught us how to make gel. Mykia and I were partners, we mixed water and other chemicals to make something that turned out like jell-o. Then we went to a nail polish station and designed our own colors. We also visited an airspace station and learned how airplanes fly.
Shakia Hoosier 8th grade RE 2nd year student

When I first started camp I was a little worried because I’m not use to going to camp. But I was wrong, on my first day I had a blast! I made new friends and participated in interesting classes. We also visited a lab where we watched cells grow. Then we went to a class where we learned how to style and make websites. Most of our classes were about engineering, bioengineering and aerospace engineering. Can’t wait til Thursday when we will go back to the lab to see how our cells are growing.
Mykia Green 8th grade 3rd year RE student

I made new friends and learned about the many types of engineering like civil, chemical, industrial and many more. We made cells grow and mixed nail polish and learned about building websites. Can’t wait til tomorrow, we get to go swimming at the huge pool on Georgia Tech’s campus.
Zaria Palmer 8th grade 2nd year RE student