Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Life Changed

We have received many stories about how Raising Expectations has helped people out in their life and thought we would share one with you:

The reason why I said the life skills retreat was my favorite trip was because it gave us a time to bond with the mentors and really get to know them and we also had fun. It gave me a chance to really express my feelings to mentors and show them who I really am instead of hiding in the box that I hide in. These mentors taught me a lot of things like etiquette lessons, which means good manners. This life skills retreat actually changed my life around, and made me a better person because before I went on the trip I was shy, didn’t talk to [anyone] about my problems, and I didn’t socialize with anybody but my friends. When the trip came around it taught me a very valuable lesson that holding on to your anger has negative consequences and a person will never know who you are until you show them.

Ashley Wilborn
9th Grade
3rd year RE student

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