Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Raising Expectations @ 11 Alive News

Wow! When I went to 11 Alive I had a tremendous time. The people there were so nice to us. While at the station we got to be on the news and we got to see what the different types of jobs were behind the scenes. We got to speak with sports anchor Sam Crenshaw and the operations manager Kevin Johnson who told us in order to get a job we had to always be on time. Being late at a tv studio means that we can't watch tv at home. He said being on time is important because if we are late we will get left behind and life is too short for a slow start. His advice meant a lot to me and I know an important part to getting a great job and being successful is being on time in everything I do. I'm grateful to Raising Expectations for setting up this fieldtrip and helping me learn some important things about future jobs.

Takelia Nicole Martin
8Th Grade, Kennedy Middle School

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