Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Graves Haunted House Reflections - Oct 29, 2010

“Somebody grabbed my leg. Everybody was screaming.”

On October 29th R.E. took over 50 kids to the annual Haunted House in Graves Hall at Morehouse College.

My favorite part of the haunted house was when one of the dudes from the haunted house picked me up. Then another character popped up from under the newspaper and attacked me. My second favorite part of the haunted house was when my mentor from Morehouse went in with me and was scared and trying to make me protect him by letting him hide behind me so I could his shield.
-Daejour, 5th grade

The haunted house was not very scary but I was kind of scared. Ms. Suzanna and a mentor from Morehouse picked me up the whole way through!! It was interesting and scary for others but it was very nice.
-Franeshia, 4th grade

The haunted house was so scary it made me cry. They made we walk through newspaper and touched my legs. It was so scary. Everyone was crying because people were yelling and there was a chain saw.
-Sadraeva, 4th grade

The haunted house was scary when you first walk in. There were these men and they jumped off a shelf and they scratch your legs. They tell you a scary story when you first come in. Then they take you in a dark room and tell you are safe we were not. My friends were really scared.
-Nichelle, 5th grade

The haunted house was scary. It was so fun and scary that even I was scared. People were popping out of the ground and popping out of the wall. They climbed up the walls too. They told us a story about this man that used to live in the haunted house. Then the man came out of a door with a real chainsaw and scared everyone that was there.
-Andres, 5th grade

The haunted house was very scary. I even cried, but I faced my fears. When I went in they told us a scary story and scared us really bad. I really enjoyed myself and I really enjoyed being scared.
-Family 1

We had a lot of fun at the haunted house. I wasn't scared even though it was my first time. I can't to go again next year but my family can not because they would be too scared.
Myonme, 6th grade

I was very scared when we went to the haunted house. My best friend even lost her shoe! She was screaming like someone was really going to hurt her, I just laughed. It was an exciting experience and I hope to do it again next year!
Monoe, 6th grade

I was completely confident before we actually got to the haunted house but when we went in I got really scared. We saw a lot of scary things. There was torn news paper everywhere. They scratched my feet. The scariest part was when we had to run from the man with the chainsaw. It was scary!!!!!
Starr, 6th grade

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